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Jesus Lantern

Jesus Lantern

SKU: 302

This religious icon is an assemblage of contributing parts. 

The main body is an old copper lantern of some sorts with very thick glass panels and a hatch at the back. I’ve not been able to find a reference image of a similar one. It was missing some of the pannels that went arount the top and bottom that was part of the draft exclution design. The origianl oil holder and wick was quite crude, so I've replaced it with and E27 bulb holder and a fitting from an oil lamp. 


In the top and bottom behind the perforated sections I've installed LEDs. They are on a seperate control to the main light, so either can be on or off. 


I've added the brass gallery to the top, and the lantern stands on a brass spinning which in turn stands on a black ceramic insulator from an electricity pylon. 

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